CISO as a Service

The expert leadership you need to address cybersecurity risks in your organization

Information Security tailored to Medium and Small Businesses

Who is the CISO?

The CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is a specialist competence focused on Information Security and Risk Control of the organization for which it operates.

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What CISOs do

Bringing the culture of security into everyday operations

What is "CISO as a Service"?

CISO as a Service (CISOaaS or Fractional CISO) is a CISO (Information Security Manager) available to the organization, to the extent of its actual needs

In other words, it constitutes an increase in internal resources, a specialist consultant, an operational and strategic advisor, who works in close coordination with the IT and operational functions of the organization to increase its Resilience and ensure its Operational Continuity.

Who is it for?

To medium and small companies, in any sector or market that, aware of operating in a scenario of rapid technological evolution and constantly increasing threats, want to prepare in time and secure their information, but who have limits in terms of skills internal or do not have the structural dimensions to do it independently. 

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The advantages

Often only the most structured organizations are adequately equipped in terms of Information Security and Resilience.

The CISOaaS also allows less structured organizations to increase their Resilience through a tailor-made and therefore effectively sustainable path.

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Some of the most frequent doubts

"Our company is small. We are not a target for hackers ..."

Today cyber attacks are no longer targeted at a single company, they hit where they find vulnerabilities that facilitate them, so everyone is a potential target.

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The CISOaaS Service

The goal of the CISOaaS service is to "secure" the organization by promoting and guiding a process of transformation that requires the active involvement of all interested parties, especially management.

The 4 phases


Estimate the size of the most suitable Security Program for the organization.


Designing the "tailor-made" Security Program.


Implement the Security Program.


Verify and evolve the Safety Program over time.

Information Security is not bought on the market

Security is the result of processes that include people, skills, behaviors, tools and services and that require effort and time to function properly.